ACIST Medical Systems

ACIST Medical Systems is a diagnostic technology company with a portfolio of advanced products including the introduction of the ACIST CVi™ contrast delivery system in 2005.  CVi has supported the angiographic imaging for over 30 million patients globally.  The company expanded in 2014 with the introduction of the world’s first Rapid Exchange FFR and High Definition IVUS systems.  As a part of the Bracco Group, ACIST Medical Systems benefits from the resources of a multinational conglomerate with broad expertise in cath lab technology and a dedication to continuous advancement.  US Corporate Headquarters located in Eden Prairie, MN.

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ACIST - Cath lab knowledge catalysts
Over the last 20 years, we've helped improve the lives of 30 million patients in over 75 countries. What do you need to know for your patient?
ACIST CVi Value Delivering System
ACIST CVi Low Dose Protocols
ACIST HDi Kodama IVUS System
ACIST RXi Navvus II FFR MicroCatheter